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Service Level Agreement Ejemplo

Como por ejemplo : el número de clientes potenciales por lograr o el número de visitas que se deben atraer para que entren en el flujo de ventas. Applies a standard SLA to all clients that have the same service. It is useful that our company offers several services with different resolution and reaction times. Por ejemplo, puede determinar un tiempo límite de resolución de incidencias tipo «petición de presupuesto», y a lavez priorizar las que vengan del „departamento de finanzas“ o de un cliente externo. For example, the sales manager can open requests by creating tickets that use standard AA for the department or a more restrictive SLA for „Business Management“ or an SLA for a specific department within the department as „suppliers“. In short, SLAs are indispensable for any service business. They strengthen the relationship with customers who clearly understand what we offer them, while knowing exactly what they expect from our business. SLAs are used to identify measurable indicators for the service we provide and thus ensure that our customers` expectations are met. Por ejemplo, tal vez para ti un lead es aquella persona que ha descargado más de 2 contenidos de tu sitio. We will take a look at our catalog of services in order to understand the relationship between the business sectors involved and the processes that take place during the provision of each service. Applies to all contractual services of a customer, group of customers or division.

The most important condition in designing a good SLA is to ensure that our company is able to meet the agreement. To conclude viable agreements, we analyze both the service we offer and the internal structure we use to offer it. Applies to a particular user within a service that has a standard SLA. It is useful to offer different treatment to a customer that we identify, or to whom we wish to pay special attention. SLA management does not stop as soon as we provide the service. It is important to analyse the satisfaction of our customers, for example through regular surveys. It is important to ask for their opinion in order to know the effectiveness of our contract management and, if necessary, to make improvements. Agree on realistic conditions that our company can handle. Meeting the expectations of our customers.. . .