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Sub Account Agreement

Royalty changes. Subscription fees can be changed at any time, provided the entity communicates to the relevant sub-account user at least thirty (30) days after written notification of the change. Refund or payment in case of termination. If the subscription of users of the sub-account is duly terminated in accordance with Section IV (b), the entity reimburses all fees paid in advance for the remainder of the life after the effective date of the termination. When the subscription contract is terminated by the Company pursuant to Section IV (b), the sub-account user pays all unpaid expenses covering the remainder of its order term or any subscription contract. The termination does not exempt this user from the sub-account from his obligation to pay the company a fee to pay for the period prior to the effective date of the termination. Below are some examples of the use of sub-accounts: contracts generally allow the policyholder to transfer funds from a sub-account whose funds have been replaced on another sub-account for a specified period of time. If the policyholder does not choose to transfer money to another account during this period, the funds are automatically redistributed to the replacement funds. term.

A subscription to the sub-account user begins on the day the sub-account user has created their account and will remain in effect for one month to one month. A sub-account user can cancel their account at any time by calling the support or via the app. Unless you cancel your account before the end of a month, your subscription will be extended by an additional one month. The initial duration and all extension conditions are called together under the term name. In general, each sub-account is created for specific purposes and can only be accessed by a given person. Capital-holding sub-accounts operate under very strict guidelines, as funds can only be accessed in accordance with the terms of a power agreement approved and executed by the Bank. The cost of partial accounts varies depending on the company and the value of the account, but in a few rare cases it varies from about 0.25% to 3.25% per year. Companies include in the Fund`s effort ratio the amount they calculate for the management of partial-account investments. They also contain this information in the Fund`s prospectus as well as in the extracts of the sub-account. Payment of fees. In exchange for the software developed and applications accessible through the Services, each sub-account user must pay the account fees and other fees listed on the login pages when creating your account.

. The subscription fee is paid at these times and in the amounts set on the sign or under the heading „My billing“ in the application after the creation of your account. Unless otherwise stated in the main subscription agreement, (i) the fees are based on acquired services and not on actual use; (ii) payment obligations are not cancellable and fees paid are non-refundable and (iii) the quantities purchased cannot be reduced during the duration of the subscription. If the sub-depository were to become insolvent, the CIS`s recognition as the owner of its securities could be limited. For this reason, it is generally necessary to strictly separate the assets from those of the omnibus accounts of the managers. In particular, the separation of these securities is also necessary in the event of bankruptcy.