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Disagreement Has Plural

If one of my English learners has made such a mistake, I would simply say that you can`t put a (or the unspecified article) in front of a plural noun. If I mark a piece of writing for students` self-correction, I would highlight the sentence as a number convention error. Another term would be „{sentence} parity [error]“. (Agreement is reached by adding a pluraphonem to the verb {predicate} if the subject has no plural morpheme.) Below are some indeterminate pronouns that require either singular nouns or plural nouns. You can use it during writing to make sure you don`t make mistakes. The term „a bacterium“ does not contain a pronoun. The problem is the combination of the indeterminate article a (which can only precede a singular noun) with the plural bacterium. „Singer“ is a plural noun, which means it requires a plural verblage. See the plurality of a group that also refers to us/our, so perhaps „plurality conflict“ or „plurality opinion“ would be descriptive. What made you look? Please let us know where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Singular example: Each girl will decorate her own dressing room.

Test your knowledge and learn interesting things. . Tip: Often, one word has a – s at the end and the other has not…